We strive to provide a comfortable environment where you, your family and friends can enjoy a positive equine experience!

Riding Lessons

  • Lessons are individual for approximately 45 minutes - $35.00
  • We accept 8 years to adults.
  • There is no long-term commitment – you can choose from occasional lessons or weekly depending on your personal goals.

The primary goal for our lesson program is to build solid horsemanship skills and understanding of the horse that will set the foundation for a lifelong love of horses and the ability to pursue any riding discipline in the future.

There is a strong emphasis on mastering the basic skills needed to understand horse behaviors, how to care for and manage horses and solid riding skills that can be transferred to any horse and any discipline.

Students will:

  • learn how to safely be around and mange horses,
  • learn how to read horses body language and what it means,
  • learn different techniques for grooming and preparing your horse for a ride,
  • learn about various tack, their purpose and how to use properly,
  • learn the fundamentals of riding that will be gradually applied to our various horses.

Learning to ride takes time and each rider progresses at their own pace. We do not rush riders and will not move forward until we feel that the rider’s ability has developed to do so safely.

Lessons will be given in the arena and practiced on the Trails when the student is ready to do so.